Current Production

On The Verge (Or, The Geography of Yearning)
July 24 - August 3, 2014
North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre, Raleigh, NC

The production, directed by Rebecca Blum, features three `sister sojourners', each a prototypical Victorian lady explorer, equipped with dialog as pithy as their helmets, thwacking their machetes through the wilderness while telling tales of past jaunts among the natives. As intrepid trekkers, they put the lie to any charge that they are representatives of a weaker sex.  Heroines to their heart, the explorers can accommodate themselves to any emergency (natural or man-made), although they are momentarily disoriented as they approach modern times. In their kaleidoscopic adventure, they journey through a rain forest of hundreds of artifacts from the future: household utensils, mechanical contrivances, and a side-view automobile mirror that reads `Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear'. How does one deal with such a chimera?

On The Verge comes from the pen of Eric Overmyer, best known for his writing on The Wire and HBO's Treme, which he co-created.  He was honored in 2008 by the Writer's Guilde of America for Outstanding Dramatic Series in recognition for his work on The Wire.

The Company

Mary Baltimore - Laura Jernigan

Fanny Cranberry - Mary Forester

Alexandra Cafuffle - Whitney Griffin

Grover, Alphonse, et. al - Seth Blum

Chrononaughts - Chris Gagel, Riley Watson, Amy Wright

Director - Rebecca Blum

Assistant Director - Bev Schieman

Stage Manager - Tony Landavazo  

Assistant Stage Manager - Kimberly Kikendall

Scenic Design - Christa Phillips Devitt

Lighting Design - Barry Jaked

Costume Designer - Jeremy David Clos

Properties Design - Ruth Berry

Sound & Projection Design - John Maruca

Dramaturg - Maegan Mercer-Bourne

Dressing Crew Coordinator - Marie Berry

Promotional Design - Jaclyn Bell

Facilities Manager - Lucy P. Ringland

Co-Production Managers -  Beth Roberts & Jeremy Clos



On the Verge (Or, The Geography of Yearning)

July 24 - August 3, 2014

North Raleigh Arts

And Creative Theatre

7713-51 Lead Mine Road
Raleigh, NC

Written by
Eric Overmyer

Directed by
Rebecca Blum

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